Bonnie Blu has teamed up with World Care Foundation to raise funds in aid of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis.
10% of all Bonnie Blu sales during the month of Ramadan will be donated to the appeal.
You can also donate by clicking the Donate button.
Thank you and have a blessed Ramadan.

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We aim to provide a range of quality goods with all the associations of Scottish craftsmanship. 

Our products feature the unique Islamic Tartan and are all made and sourced in Scotland.

Employing top weavers and manufacturers, much of our range comprises 100% wool and will include kilts, neck ties, hats, shawls and scarves, all tastefully presented to you.

This is the ideal treat for you or someone special.

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Islamic Tartan

Just as the parts of a heraldic coat of arms have significance, so too does the Islamic Tartan. The theological explanation of the design is as follows: 

  • Blue to represent the Scottish Flag 
  • Green to represent the colour of Islam 
  • Five white lines running through the pattern to represent the five pillars of Islam 
  • Six gold lines to represent the six articles of faith
  • Black square to represent the Holy Kabah